Buzzing on the Suarez

To complete our stay in the wonderul San Gil we had to finish with the much talked about Rio Suarez, a big volume III+-IV+ rafted section, described as ‘muy fuerte’ (very strong). With most of our team feeling back on form we headed to the put-in to see what the river had in store for us.

A huge, beautiful surf wave in the ever glorious sun made a good start to an incredible run. Massive grade III+ wave trains were interspersed with meaty hole dodging grade IV rapids giving us the buzz we’d been looking for!

About an hour in we came to the first big momma grade IV+, the aptly named Labyrinth displayed 3 big lines, a bit of mix and match in the middle before heading left or right around a giganto hole in the centre. Definitely would’ve liked to see how they managed to raft it! With some lovely big pools after almost every big rapid and beautiful scenery, it was a river that lived up to expectations.

After a brilliant day on the water already, we ended up at the last and biggest rapid, the ‘Sorpresa’ – something that certainly would not look out of place on the Zambezi. With the raft (our ride home) overtaking us whilst Niamh took her time deliberating, we all ended up paddling hard; avoiding some fat holes, riding some massive waves and nailing the line. Saweeet!!

Having had an amazing day and having made some great friends over the past couple of weeks we had to end our time in San Gil with a proper fiesta. It started with the colombian tradition, saved in most over countries for 13-16 year olds, of drinking in the park before continuing to the out of town club complex: complete with supermarket, karaoke bar and… petrol station?! We shook it like Shakira and left San Gil in style, saving our hangover for  our 8 hour bus trip back to Bogota… fun times!

Good night out not complete without meat on a stick

Our salsa skills coming along nicely


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