Ciao Villavicencio, Hola Tobia!

Following our night of hard partying in Villavicencio the team made a vain attempt to go boating the next day, but decided instead to have one of the huge lunches that Colombians do so well and then go for a swim.

After a good nights sleep we were all feeling a lot more motivated for kayaking and got up early to paddle the Rio Blanco, a bouldery grade 3 river with some trickier grade 4 drops, in, as usual, a deep, committing, beautiful canyon. We had a great morning paddling and then packed up the truck and headed back to Bogotá.


In Bogotá, having failed to find a jeep driver to take us to Tobia., our next destination, we spent a couple of hours arguing with bus drivers before finding one who would put our four kayaks inside his bus.

A couple of hours later we made it to Tobia where we were met by a Victor, Michelle and Alex who work for Rio Negro Rafting. They gave us a lift back to their rafting centre, leant us a couple of tents and showed us the way to the local ice cream parlour, result!

Over ice creams we made plans for the next day, excited about our first taste of the black rivers of the department of Cundin Amarca.


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