Lecture Tour

Following the success of the expedition, the team is keen to share their tales of epic adventure. We are holding a series of talks around the UK over the next few months, with the following dates confirmed so far…

  • White Water the Canoe Centre, London – 23rd February
  • York Canoe Club, Bay Horse Pub, York – 9th March
  • Sues Canoes, Watton, Norfolk15th March
  • Dee River Fest, Llangollen, North Wales – 24th March (10 min talk battle)
  • Hull, venue TBC – 31st March
  • Cardiff International White Water Course – 18th April
  • Glasdir, Llanrwst, North Wales – 26th April (details coming soon)
  • Allenbury’s S&S Club, Ware, Herts (15 mins from Lee Valley) – 22nd May

Please contact the host venues for full details and tickets (we’ll link details from here where possible).

We are in the process of sorting more dates and venues round the UK, so keep your eyes peeled for a talk near you… Or if you are part of a club, centre or organisation; we’d be happy to come and do a talk for you. Email info@flowfree.co.uk or call 07810 878738 to arrange a suitable date.

Come and hear about the amazing rivers, the incredible scenery, the fantastic people, the dense and spiky jungle, the sweltering heat, hiking-in with mules and hiking-out in the dark!

We’ve got stunning photos and exciting videos to accompany our epic stories of adventure (many of which didn’t make it onto the blog).


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